Limiting usage of Silver Sulfadiazine cream

Limit usage of

Silver Sulfadiazine cream

If you are skin is burnt due to fire or due to chemical exposure, you will then have to apply Silver Sulfadiazine cream. The cream has been specially developed in order to stop the spread of bacteria which is developed at the damaged area of the skin. It is necessary that a person has the prescription available for the same to purchase the medication from a medical store. Due to its restrictions and reactions, the drug should be provided by a reputed doctor after consultation alone. But, the medication is preferable for short term usages and helps a person obtain relief from the burns.

Silver Sulfadiazine cream

contains silver and Sulfadiazine in 1:10 proportions. That is about 1% of silver for every 10% of Sulfadiazine. There are many side effects associated with the use of cream over long term usages. Hence, the cream should be prescribed by a doctor for a very short period of time. The chemical composition of the cream can cause irritation on the skin, penetration of the chemical composition into the body when applied on larger burn areas, hypersensitivity and erythema multiforme. Hence, one must be very careful with its usage and will have to follow the guidelines provided by a doctor.Silver Sulfadiazine Cream

One should also take care and prevent the application of Silver Sulfadiazine cream to be free from any kind of exposures. A direct sunlight exposure can cause the silver ions to incorporate and discoloration may take place, changing the entire color of the skin at that particular area. Make sure you have consulted your doctor to understand in detail about the use of the cream. One should also look for other remedies when there is no improvement in the damaged area of the skin. Increased use of the silver sulfadiazine cream will lead to side effects.